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Motherfucking cuntbag

2011-10-05 19:05:55 by Alukhard

Return from whence you came, foul creature! Thy kind has no place in these halls.


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2011-10-05 19:11:37

Im Really confused :S Are you insulting Women in General or just a Specific person?
P.S I hope you have a good day :)

Alukhard responds:

Whomsoever it may concern. Anyone who feels like it's directed to them. The title is not a notion to women, just a random insult. *sigh* Where has society come to, when women think everything is about them?


2011-10-05 20:27:19

those are my same thoughts about KailaCakes..........

Alukhard responds:

I see a sudden outbreak of Stupid has occurred.


2011-10-06 12:44:03

No that guy just hates me for no reason! *Sigh*